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  • Marca Thermalright
  • Modelo 140


Abmessung 140 x 152 mm
Einbautiefe 26.5 mm
Spannung ~ 6 - 13 V
Drehzahl 900 - 1.300 U/min
Förderleistung 96 - 125 m³/h
Geräuschentwicklung 19 - 21 dB(A)
Lebensdauer 50.000 Stunden
Lager Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing
Anschluss 4-Pin PWM

True to its motto "The Ultimate Cooling Solutions" Thermalright presented in 2010 with the TY 140 a highly innovatice 140 mm fan, which for the first time ever was designed to meet the requirements of high-volume CPU-coolers.

The fan was first used on the Silver Arrow and convinced testers and fans alike. Beginning in early 2012, the truly outstanding fan was gradually replaced by the TY 147, which only differs from the TY 140 in its black&white farb scheme.

The fan design corresponded to the desire of users to realize the greatest possible airflow rate at the lowest possible noise. Naturally fans with a larger diameter will produce a higher capacity at the same speed and/orthe same noise level than smaller models. As the height of the CPU cooler is limited due to the available width of the PC case, in general 120 mm fans are used on most coolers. Larger fans often collide with adjacent otherboard components, or protrude beyond the heat sink.

The Thermalright TY 140 has the dimensions 140 x 152 x 26.5 mm; the mounting points is identical to those of conventional 120

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