Devil In The Details Iii - The Art Of Mastery- A Mentoring

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Título del libroDevil in the Details III - The Art of Mastery- A Mentoring Trilogy : Lt Morrison
AutorLt Morrison
Editorial del libroCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
Tapa del libroBlanda

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  • Cantidad de páginas: 232

  • Peso: 318 g

  • Tipo de narración: Libro

  • ISBN: 9781466268807


The critical real life issues facing all master-slave couples. Developing skills and the framework for healthy living within the M/s dynamic, is the Art of Mastery. Volume III is where the pedal meets the metal! Where words become things; ideas become action; and happiness is achieved in the reality of day-to-day life. No theory, philosophy, knowledge of skills, or issues is worth a pinched nipple, if it cannot translate into sustainable structure. Theory and talk is over, now to apply a masters values and skills into a consensual relationship with a slave, 24/7, same roof, intended to endure. Entertaining and funny, yet providing the detailed management tools needed to sustain a master-slave relationship for a lifetime. All the issues masters face are addressed with workable solutions. Tracing his thirty-year journey through the lifestyle, the author clarifies and demystifies mastery like never before, in ways aspiring dominants can learn. It truly is a masters mentoring series, like no other. Even slaves will insist masters read it. Extraordinarily informative, with in depth analysis of the BDSM continuum, its joys and pitfalls, providing the theory and tools to live a power exchange relationship, happily over time. Understanding of the slave mind, the fundamentals of relationships, and mostly his knowledge of power and its application, make this a must read for both slaves and masters alike. Everyone will learn from this. Hysterically funny, wildly erotic and as entertaining a read as there is. The anecdotal mindfucks he shares are sometimes breathtaking, deeply poignant, often hilarious, and always provide a unique view into the world of sustainable and healthy BDSM. But it is the explanation of what happens inside a master slave relationship, and the detailed look at the issues, why they occur, what they mean, and most importantly, how to address them that elevates these books in the genre. Written magically, without an air of condescension, with expertise and authority, yet he makes no claims to a definitive path on anything more than his own life. A must read for anyone considering a relationship of master-slavery. This is a resource long needed in the BDSM community.

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