Ceo Of Insanity : Daniel J Praz

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    Características principales

    Título del libroCEO of Insanity : Daniel J Praz
    AutorDaniel J Praz
    EditorialHard Candy Publishing

    Otras características

    • Cubierta: Blanda

    • Tipo de narración: Libro

    • ISBN: 9780578216010

    • Número de páginas: 358


    Follow the epic story of a lifetime...

    CEO of Insanity chronicles the unbelievable journey of Daniel Praz, the creator of Sandless Refinishing from the moment of invention through bringing the system and brand he came to call Mr. Sandless to ten countries. Discovered by Praz in 1999, sandless refinishing is the ability to refinish anything made of wood without sanding. Prior to his discovery, invasive sanding was the only known method of refinishing wood. Branded a charlatan and an internet scam, this is the incredible story of ultimate perseverance, as Praz took the business model he created from scratch and launched with just one truck in 2004, to become the first national refinisher in both the United States and Canada, bringing the service coast to coast in just six years via franchising. Along the way were an endless stream of corrupt and destructive individuals who provided ample angst to Praz in bringing the brand to fruition. This is the wild roller coaster story of how one man stood against many who tried to stop, steal or squander his invention and company, so much so, that this true story cannot be matched by fiction. Praz relied on his faith to be his strength and despite being taken to the point of being broken, he was shown the way to rise and be delivered. This truly inspirational story will show that anyone can rise from the ashes and go on to victory no matter what they come up against.

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